EASYDRIFT is a revolutionary concept using patented wheel ring technology to accurately simulate real-world, low-grip driving conditions, on any regular, paved surface.

This Driver Training System (DTS) is perfectly adapted to teaching safe-driving skills to all kinds of drivers: it provides a faithfully-simulated real-world driving environment, to test driving in skid conditions, loss of road traction, and to better understand the limits of all-weather driving, for all kinds of drivers, whether members of the general public or driving professionals.

EASYDRIFT wheel rings adapt to all kinds of motorized vehicles: front, rear- or all-wheel drive. They can be used over a range of driving speeds. From 30km/h for general public initiation courses, to 150km/h for advanced driving courses for race-driving professionals.

EASYDRIFT requires no skid-pads: any car and any paved surface, becomes a test-driving environment.

Thanks to the use of revolutionary hi-tech materials, EASYDRIFT instantly transforms any regular vehicle and standard paved surface into an accurately simulated driving environment, with low-grip conditions similar to driving on snow or ice, whilst conserving the drivability of the vehicle.

DTS Ring Slides Over Tire And Rim:

  • To reduce grip
  • To reproduce skid conditions

Here Are Some Of The Many Benefits You Enjoy When Using EASYDRIFT For Driver Training:

  • Easy to install and handle
  • Budget Friendly – tremendous cost savings compared to other skid training solutions.
  • No skid pad needed – Training can be done on any paved surface.
  • No water required – More savings.
  • Simultaneous skid training sessions – Your entire driving range is now your skid pad, therefore more available space for multiple vehicles.
  • Low speed training.
  • Enhance driving on rear, front, and all-wheel-drive vehicles.
  • Excellent for advanced road course training at higher speeds.
  • Simulates real-life conditions.
  • No damage to surface.
  • Reduced wear on vehicles.
  • Perfect for small training areas.
  • Can be used under any weather conditions


The Easydrift tyres are fantastic and work as they say they will; they have proven for our business to be durable, and provide a perfect solution for low friction on an axle of a vehicle.  In our experience, once fitted to a tyre, they do not slide off at all, and are still simple to remove at the end of a training program if required.

Tim M